Desert Orthopedics needed an updated logo and branding of their ads and printed collateral promoting their vast array of services. I was brought in to design the look and carry it out for all future advertising. Some of the ads feature an older person walking their dog, a yoga class, a close up of a swimmer, a close up of a skier all doing things you want to continue to do for the rest of your life without pain each paired with strong headline to grab your attention.


Central Oregon Pediatric Associates really cares about their patients from birth. I design all of their advertising and print collateral. I always try establish an emotional aspect in their designs with a clean layout and bright colors.

With a concept like this, BNBranding needed bold graphics that would play well in all sorts of different applications. The owner came up with the idea, and we’re constantly finding new ways to execute it. It’s one of those rare campaigns that has the legs to really stand the test of time.

There are two keys to the property management business. The first is customer service… it’s much easier to deal with crises when you’re pleasant and good-natured with people. Second, most of the homeowners they deal with are aging baby boomers who appreciate a good old-fashioned work ethic. Project scope consisted of a brand identity including the logotype and mark, signage and printed materials. Also a website featuring a retro, female-oriented theme.

These two ads for the Tyrion Sky Townhome development put a fun twist on the age-old idea of storybook endings.  I worked with a great copywriter friend on these, and the ads worked brilliantly. There was a third concept, but the Townhomes sold so quickly we never produced it.

This outdoor ad for Arrowood Development was designed for the arrivals area in Bend’s regional airport. Again, we were selling the benefits of townhome living. Yeah, ditch the lawnmower and go golfing!