Everyone knows this logo, and YES I did design it. Heartbreaking that they have recently redesigned it in a generic version. Originally, eBay wanted a fun, involving mark that would convey a feeling of community. I also thought it should capture the random nature of eBay’s endless array of products. I was inspired by the colors in the old Apple logo and by the game Twister. Then I let the colors overlap and blend, lending a feeling of playful interaction.

Malibu Country Club is getting a major make-over. To compliment the course improvements, the new owners requested a more modern, upscale logo design. After a couple days at the beach I found my inspiration. After all, it is Malibu.


Salon Twist is an upscale hair salon that wanted a playful yet sophisticated logotype solution. Incorporating a bold yet playful script font that I manipulated to have more of an exciting form with a adventurous purple color was just what they needed.

Poptuit brings together all your favorite communications tools into a single super-app. It works with your mobile phone’s dialer (yeah, they still call it a “dialer” even though there hasn’t been a rotary dial on a phone for ages), SMS messenger, email client, camera, maps, and oh, so many more. Then Poptuit adds all kinds of social stuff to make connecting with friends, family and co-workers simpler, smarter and a bunch more fun.

Create Common Good provides training and employment to refugees and others in need. Their experiential programs transform lives and enriches communities. CCG already had the CG and leaf, but had a problem accommodating their growing programs. I created the lightbulb (train), needle (create) and spoon (stir) icons to incorporate all their community programs.

Malibu and Vine is a newly remodeled restaurant / wine bar at the Malibu Golf Club in California. Client wanted something modern and hip. Connecting golf and wine in a unique way can be a challenge and we scored on this design.

Zoomerang creates and conducts surveys on the web. I couldn’t get past the idea of using boomerang shapes as the Z. They also double as arrows in opposing directions.

Visa Buxx is a debit card designed to teach 13-16 year olds how to use money wisely. The logo needed to be young, fun and cool, so I added a hint of the X Games to make it exciting.

Pronghorn is an exclusive golf community near Bend, Oregon. A Pronghorn is a native antelope that roams the high desert wilderness around the golf course. This simple execution appears on everything from the front gates, door handles, furniture, residences fireplaces and of course golf merchandise. They love it!

Neurology of Bend recruited two new doctors and needed a younger, more sophisticated logo. The assignment was a tough one… create a logo that appeases four different Neurologists! I focused on the synapses of the brain and the high-tech aspect, without losing the friendly small-practice feel.

The Morley Brothers, a Silicon Valley real estate company, specializes in urban infill development and investment. They wanted something that was elegant looking. The M is sitting on top of an artistic roman column conveying sophisticated elegance.

Cordevalle is a corporate golf resort in Northern California. The script CV represents the arc and motion of a golf swing. This logo is also used everywhere at the resort from architecture to merchandise.

Pierre Omidyar, the owner of eBay, wanted a logo for his private jet. Every private jet should have a logo. I was inspired by movement of the plane through clouds.

Sometimes the assignment is to execute a very literal, client-dictated idea. Self Storage from small to large items, winter, spring summer or fall. Got it?